WWE Supercard Hack And Cheats For Free Credits

wwe supercard hack

WWE Supercard

WWE Supercard is a collectible card battling game designed by Cat Daddy Games and introduced by 2K Games. This game features the WWE superstars. This game is a treat for battle based game lovers.

Those who are using Android and iOS can play this game, but the only thing is that it requires OS 4.2.1 or newer versions. You can make your gameplay better by using legal WWE Supercard hack and tricks.

In this game, you have to prove your wrestling chops in open challenges and give neck-to-neck competition with other WWE fans to become a WWE Supercard Champion.

The game is about collecting the cards and level up thousands of cards featuring WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey, Seth Rollins and many other popular stars like Rock, Aleister Black, etc. This game is entertaining millions of fans worldwide.

Form a team and compete with others in a test of strategy. You can even participate in Monday Night Raw, NXT arenas and SmackDown Live as well.

In this whole article, we will focus on the best WWE Supercard Cheats that you can use while playing the game.

However, first, we need to clear out something about WWE Supercard Generator. We are not going to encourage people to use such scammy generator things on any reading point of this article.

In fact, we are spreading awareness about how these generator scams work online. Read more about these wwe supercard hack tools before heading to the actual in-game wwe supercard tips and tricks that we have mentioned below.

The Reality Behind the WWE Supercard Generators

If you are worried about how to get free credits in WWE superstar and opted for using the generators then, let me tell you that you are going in the wrong direction. There is nothing like a generator called thing.

wwe supercard generator

WWE Supercard Generator

Generators are fake and grab the attention of players by creating a grid in their minds for getting free credits.

I will strongly recommend you all only use legal ways for earning free credits in WWE Supercard and don’t get trap in such scams.

Generators contain a virus that is harmful to your device. You have to provide your personal information to these generators that may be used for hacking your device. Hence, play legally and make your gameplay better.

List of Legit WWE Supercard Hacks and Cheats

WWE Supercard is a worldwide popular game, and to win the game is every player’s dream. You can achieve your goals by using the given cheats for WWE Supercard

1. Play The Battles

If you want to earn credits in the game then playing the battle is the best WWE Supercard credits hack. This game offers you many opportunities through which you can get a decent amount of currency. If you win the match, you can get 4 draft picks. If you use the legit ways for earning currency in the game, then winning or losing the battle doesn’t affect your spirit of playing. You can receive around 2 draft pics even if you lose the game.

2. Watch Commercials

If you are thinking about how to get free credits in WWE Supercard then watching advertisements is one of the useful tricks that you can use while playing the game. The game has different kinds of alternatives through which you can earn a handsome amount of currency, and watching commercials is one of them. It may use your data connection, but you must use this trick because it will reward you with 4 draft picks. These commercial may link to promotional activities for games, products, etc. hence, this one is one of the easiest ways to earn credits in the game.

3. Be Sure You Will Not Have Less Than Eight Rare Superstars And Two Rare Divas

Organizing the deck is not that much easy task. The only simple way to do that is to maintain your team that includes at least eight rare superstars along with two rare divas. Making use of this WWE Supercard cheat is convenient in the king of the ring championship, in which you need to have some strong cards if you are willing to win the series. If you have substitute for the superstars then you can use them while your listed players will get tired due to matches.

4. Begin With The Opponents Who Have Large Number Of Defeats

This is very useful WWE Supercard cheats because it has high chances to earn currencies in the game. As a fresher to play the game, try to compete with the opponents who have large number of defeats because this will defiantly help you to win the match. Using this cheat help you to be master in playing the game and also help you in winning and earning a good amount of credits.

5. Making Excellent Use Of Rare Cards For Training Is Important

This WWE Supercard cheats you can use every time throughout the game but if you are having several types of Uncommon and rare cards then make use of them for building your stronger card more powerful and don’t allow duplicate cards to take more space.

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6. Play Exhibition Matches

If you want to increase your card list then playing in exhibition matches is the great WWE Super card hack because energy limiter is not there for these matches. You can earn 2 cards if you win and even if you lose the match then also you can receive one card.

7. Ideal Time To Use Support Card

This is one of the important WWE Supercard hack because using a support card on the right time may convey the distinction between winning and losing. Hence, always choose a support card earlier than wrestler and wait for the perfect time to utilize them. You can use a support card only once in every match so use it wisely.

8. Merge Two Cards For Creating Powerful Superstar

Whenever you have two cards of the same wrestler that are rare and higher, you must mix them together for generating dominant Superstar. Have patience and don’t make quick decisions all what this WWE Supercard hack can suggest to you.

9. Be Attentive To Organize Divas Deck

Managing and giving fair chance to play the matches to Divas is very important to earn WWE Supercard free Credits. Give proper training to diva because this game have divas match regularly. You must have a well-trained divas card that change the whole picture of your match. Hence focus on training your divas.

10. Don’t Miss Playing In King Of Ring Mode

King of ring tournaments are the high rated matches in this game and run for multiple days. You can play with the human players in this mode. If you want to play in this tournament then you have to come up with the strongest cards. Be sure to replace your WWE legends and diva cards after you use them in several matches because they lose their energy post playing the matches and you have to boost their energy level by using energy refill cards.

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Additional Legit Hack for WWE SuperCard Game

  • The game is providing QR code that can be scanned and used for earning credit in WWE Supercard game. You can earn up to 300 credits by using these WWE Supercard QR Codes and can apply for one time for per account. If you want any additional information about QR codes, then you can go through the official Facebook Page for WWE Supercard game.
  • The game has introduced the Super token. You can redeem Super token that will offer you with ultra-race card and two rare cards. You can even share this super token up to 3 friends as well.

(Remember: – The QR codes are having a time limit so check it once before you use it.)

Note: – You cannot have “Unlimited Credit” and other resources in wwe supercard game externally for free. There is no way to do it. Even the tricks mentioned above will also not going to help you gain these resources in limitless amount. However, the only way of buying resources from the game store is an ideal option for all of us.

Final Words

All we can say is that the game is addictive and you can win the battles if you learn the legit WWE Supercard hacks and cheats. This game is easy to learn and depends on how you manage your cards throughout the game. Go through the above and let us know if any other hacks and cheats that you want us to mention in our list. We always wait and welcome your valuable feedbacks.

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