The Sims Mobile Cheats : Best Legit Hacks To Earn Free Simcash & Simoleons

The Sims Mobile is a mobile game in which you can play with the virtual life of a character. Those who love to play a simulation game, The Sims Mobile is the best choice for them. Maxis earlier develop the game and later by Firemonkeys Studios.

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The game has two modes to play i.e., Single player mode and multiplayer mode. The Sims Mobile consists of the story element. EA Mobile is the publisher of this game.

There are two currencies Simcash and Simoleons, which is required for leveling up in the game. Simcash is the primary currency and hard to earn so you must know best & legit the sims mobile cheats and hacks.

The Sims Mobile is all about expressing your creativity as you personalize your sims well-defined appearances and unique personalities, giving them mark and having joy with fashion and hairstyle.

The game allows you to build a perfect home for your sims, choosing your favorite interiors, etc. you can experience the rich and better moments of your sims lives that include fulfilling career objectives, chilling with buddies, improvement in their lifestyle, socialize throughout the city, attend exclusive events and so on.

However, the currency factor is very crucial in this game. Because of simcash is a premium currency and can be purchased with real money, lots of websites promote for simcash generator but those are not workable.

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The Sims Mobile

Hence, in this article, we are focusing on legal the sims mobile tricks and guides with you. But first, check out the truth about the sims mobile hack tool or generator below.

What is The Sims Mobile Free Simcash Generator? Is It Legit To Use?

Before we talk about the generator, let me tell you all first that the sims mobile Simcash generators are fake and they are created to scam people.

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These generators attract the players by creating a grid of obtaining free Simcash, but the truth is that you cannot get any free resources by using illegal ways.

Generators always tell you that they will offer you free Simcash in the sims mobile game without any human verification, but they ask for your personal information.

Do not provide any personal or game information to generators. If you provide such information, then there are chances of hacking your device. These generators may contain the virus that may be harmful to your device.

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Hence use only legal ways for obtaining resources to make your gameplay better.

Note: – There is NO free way to obtain unlimited game currency in the sims mobile.

Even the legit cheats for the sims mobile game that we have mentioned below will not allow you unlimited currency in the game. The below mentioned sims mobile cheats are only for earning a limited period with a limited quantity of free simcash and simoleons in the game.

List Of # Best The Sims Mobile Cheats To Earn Free Simcash & Simoleons Legally In 2019

1.  Complete the Missions

Completing the missions is the great the sims mobile hack because you will have to face many challenges throughout the game. These challenges include completing the daily game task, daily missions, etc.

If you are succeeded to accomplish all the tasks, then you will be rewarded with a good amount of Simcash, cupcakes, Simoleons and other in-game currency that is required t improve your lifestyle in the game.

However, the game will provide you the list of the daily task that should be completed before the days ends and on the other hand, missions are a bit time consuming and you can achieve these missions according to your convenience.

2. Watch Ads

If you want to earn the sims mobile free Simoleons then watching ads is the best option for you. The game will prompt you to watch ads and offers you a small number of Simoleons as a reward for watching those ads.

These commercials are generally related to the promotional activities for the new games. Watching these ads may help you to update yourself with the newly launched games.

3. Take Part Into Events

Taking part in the event is considered as useful the sims mobile hack. The events in the game are limited for a particular time but be sure that you will participate in such even because this will reward you with Simoleons and tickets.

There are different kinds of events available like a hobby, social, and career events.

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For instance, there is an event called Market Square Music Fest in which you have to showcase your musical talent at the market square park.

If you fulfill this task then you will get rewards that may contain 160 Simcash and some other resources, another event called as Exercise Bootcamp in which you have to do workout with other sims and have possibility of earning up to 225 Simoleons, 36 EXP points, 7 home tickets and single super home ticket and much more.

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Before you use this the sims mobile cheats and participate in any event, make sure that your sims’ energy is full and sufficient to perform the event or refill your energy by using cupcakes.

4. Solve The Quests

Solving the quests is perfect the sims mobile cheat because this helps you to earn various rewards. There multiple quests in the game to solve.

For Example, in first-rate decorator quest, you have to change the accent of home style with more decoration and if you succeeded in doing then you will get some decent rewards.

In our story quest, you have to finish the relationship story, in work hard play hard quest you have to complete the career story chapter and so on.

These quests help you to earn good amount of game resources. Hence participate in such quests and make your gameplay better.

5. View Event Freebies Bag

This is one of the hidden sims mobile hack that provides you with some additional resources in the game.

Every day of the event, click on the event image to go to the goodies and quests page. Click on the view button which is lied under the goodie bag. You will earn the bonus reward. But, you can use this trick only once in a whole day.

6. Obtain Lifestyle Points And Money By Driving

Obtain LP (Lifestyle points) and money by allowing your sims to go for outside and drive. This is the perfect the sims mobile cheats to earn Simoleons and Lifestyle points.

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For obtaining more money give a try to pick music notes and also get a possibility to earn lifestyle points while clicking on the music notes.

7. Allow Sims To Take Part In Competitions

Sending your sims for the competition is a perfect the sims mobile Simcash hack because the building for competition center is launched through the magical update.

You can send your sims to take part in competitions related to hobbies that include karate, ballet, and ghost hunting. You will get some free goodies that provide for Simcash as well If your sims skills are leveled up according to requirements.

8. Level Up For EXP

Leveling up your sims is very useful the sims mobile cheat because this will helps you to get money and also opens the latest home items.

Leveling up also helps you to get EXP points which you were getting, particularly from a hobby, relationships, and work events.

9. Take A Look On In Game Offers

The game offers lots of discounts for purchasing the resources for making your gameplay better. Spending money on buying the resources is not bearable for all players so you can keep an eye on the pop-up notifications for discount offers providing by game.

For instance, the game is offering 300 Simcash and 100 fashion gems for $ 4.99, which I think a handsome deal and you can grab it.

The following are the standard costing for purchasing that help you to decide whether you go for in-game discounts or not.

$ 4.99 wallet of cash250 Simcash (2 cents per Simcash)
$9.99 Stack of Simcash600 Simcash (1.6 cents per Simcash)
$19.99 Pile of Simcash1250 Simcash (1.6 cents per Simcash)
$ 29.99 Bag of Simcash1950 Simcash (1.5 cents per Simcash)
$ 49.99 Sack of Simcash3500 (1.4 cents per Simcash)
$ 99.99 Vault of Simcash7500 (1.3 cents per Simcash)

10. Put Sims On Long Events

When you are away from the game then putting your sims on long events is the best the sims mobile hack. This hack will be ideal that help you to earn more EXP and money too.

This trick also helps you to achieve your target the game. Don’t leave your sims inactive when you are exiting the game. If you do so, then you will lose the money that you could obtain through your absence in the game.

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The Conclusion

If you are playing the sims mobile and not getting any idea of how to hack the sims mobile, then go through the above list of legit the sims mobile cheats that help you to make your gameplay better.

The game is very entertaining and engages you in it for a long time. Make your gameplay fun filled with the above hacks and cheats and share if you got any other tips and tricks that have to be mentioned in our list.

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