Matchington Mansion Cheats : 11 Best Hacks For Matchington Mansion – Free Coins Instantly

matchington mansion cheats

Matchington Mansion Cheats

Matchington mansion is a popular game based on three puzzles development. In the game, you get complete control of renovation of a palace. You’ll be assigned a large villa, and your principal mission is naturally to start renovating it and buy decent items to make it fantastic again.

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You have to complete a puzzle challenge to receive the task, and you will be astonished by the gameplay as a whole. But the primary concern of the gameplay is the limitation of gold coins. There comes our Matchington mansion cheats helpful.

Like other game, Matchington Mansion is also controlled through in-game currency. These are required for purchasing boosters and all. You can earn gold coins every time you play the puzzle. But there is a wide disparity of making and spending that creates the scarcity.

In the current article, we will be providing Matchington mansion hack tips and hacks through the strategy of gameplay. If you think that you will get cheat codes that will hack the number of your coins, then stay away. But if you have the patience to learn these legit tips, you will not fall short of coins in your need.

What is Matchington mansion Coins Generator?

We already explained in the previous para, that our Matchington mansion cheats, tips and hacks are entirely legit and will give you a tried and tested way to save coins for your game. But if you search the internet, you will find various sites that are providing other means of getting coins. Mainly there are two types of places available:

  • Coin generator sites
  • Websites that are providing MODs of the game

First the Coin generator sites. These are fake sites that attempt to ensure you that they know how to hack Matchington mansion and change your coin number. In return, they collect your valuable personal data and use in marketing purpose. We assure you that these sites are not genuine and do not produce any result. In the name of human verification, they cheat you.

Next is the MOD file. These are hacked game file with modification in the game. These are not the original game file and not from the developers. In most of the cases, these are infected with trojans and viruses that can damage your computer. On the other hand, you will lose your game membership from the developers. The files are not updated automatically from the game server, and you have to depend upon the site. Playing this game, you are not playing Matchington Mansion; you are using a Matchington mansion hack version from a different developer. Strictly stay away from them to be safe.

Top 10+1 Matchington Mansion Hacks and Cheats for Free Coins

1. Watch the tutorials properly

If you are a master of puzzle games, then this is not for you. But for beginners, these tips are quite handy. In three puzzle game, the basic lies in the booster creation. In the initial three levels, you are given a tutorial to create firecracker booster.

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These boosters are your partner to win the game. The prime factor of the booster is it can create significant damage in and around its positions and reduce the number of moves to complete the objective. You will get to know below the benefit to finish games in lesser steps.

2. Additional Tutorial that the game does not provide.

Here is our unique Matchington mansion hack as a new tutorial that the game does not state. Once you create any booster in the game, do not use immediately. Patience is another name of three puzzle games.

If you use singe booster, you can create a small impact on the game. But if you can develop two booster side by side, you will produce a more noticeable effect. For example, if you create a rainbow and any firecracker side by side and drag one on another, you will develop firecrackers all over the screen, resulting in the complete elimination of rows and columns.

3. Start playing the game cautiously

Most gamers cannot gain the advantage of boosters at lower levels and fall short of coins at a higher level. Lower levels are comparatively more straightforward levels that generate more coins and can be finished without any paid power boosters. From our experience, we give you the Matchington mansion hack that is a miser in lower levels to save as much as coins.

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In the long run, you will get the benefit.

4. Link Your Game with your Facebook Account

First one of Matchington mansion cheats is to connect your Facebook account with your game account. The primary benefit of linking your game to Facebook is you will never lose track of your game. Even in case, your Device is damaged, you can recover your last played level.

A Facebook account keeps an update of your game data. So if you lose it, you can recover again by Facebook. The second thing is once you add the game account with Facebook account, you get 500 coins straightway. This additional 500 coins at the start of the game is a big bonus.

5. Collect stars as early as possible

By completing each 3-Puzzle game, you can win stars. The maximum number of stars that you can collect from Super Hard level is three stars. Collecting stars you can buy furniture for your mansion. Besides after receiving a few stars, you unlock a gift box.

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The gift box contains coins and boosters. The first gift box can be opened after 12 stars. You will get up to 500 coins in the first gift box. As you collect stars gift boxes are unlocked periodically. So use the cheats for Matchington mansion to get more coins.

6. Save as many moves as possible

Try to complete your puzzles with a minimum number of steps. Once you complete a problem, you usually get ten coins. Now cheats for Matchington mansion is if you finish early with lots of moves balance, these moves convert to boosters in the real game and generate additional coins.

There is no limit if the coins that are created. But we have found an extra 52 coins with 20 moves balance. Therefore save more moves to win more coins.

6. Save your coins for harder levels

You will encounter harder levels frequently as you move on the game. In these levels, you might require additional moves. New moves can be bought only through coins. So our Matchington mansion hack, in this case, is to use extra coins for getting other steps in harder and hardest levels.

If you use the coins in normal levels for new moves, you might not have them at the time of hard levels.

8. Compare before using coins

If you are in the verge of completion of any level and you require few additional moves to complete them use your coins immediately. But the trickiest part is you have to compare between getting extra steps and using a new life. It is our next Matchington mansion hack.

We suggest using coins if you have only one chance balance and you are playing for at least consecutive five times without success.

9. Decide before you purchase

In the game, the repurchasing of furniture costs you additional money. Each time you want to change the purchased furniture you have to spend 30 coins. You can waste a lot of coins by this means. Thus decide about your choice and stick to the decision for a period until you have enough coins in your account. Frequent changing of furniture is not advisable as Matchington mansion cheats.

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10. Check the letters

Letters sometimes bring you coins. For completing certain levels, you will get congratulation letters. These letters contain coins. Collect them as soon as you get it.

11. Friend help

Having many friends is an excellent help in this type of game. Connect with some generous players who can help you in different ways. Send lives to your friends regularly. Once you send lives to your friend, they will compensate you with one heart in return. In this way, you will get a new heart in your inbox.

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Our final Matchington mansion hack does not use immediately the life received in the mailbox. Use them when you are out of life. If you use them with a full life, it will not add anything but expire.


Here we conclude our article for Matchington mansion hack and believe that by now you have understood that the success to get more coins lies within the gameplay itself. So as soon as you capture them, you will be in a better position. Also, we once again warn you to refrain from the lucrative hack sites and enjoy the game.

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