How to Play Chapters: Interactive Stories on PC

chapters game on pc

Chapters Interactive Stories is the most entertaining interactive storytelling game available on Android and iOS. Many gamers have been enjoying it on the mobile device. But in this post, we will explain how to play chapters Interactive Stories on PC. Yes, you can do so if you know the tips and our step by step guide is here to facilitate you in every way.

Why Play Chapters in PC or MAC

The foremost reason to play Chapters Interactive stories on PC or MAC is to enjoy the stunning graphics of the animated stories on a big screen. When the stories unveil its act with a stunning soundtrack on your PC, it creates the ultimate delight.

The above is fascinating, but many players might not be comfortable to use PC after a hectic day of work. For those players, it might be a short break while working on PC and play a short span of the game to refresh their minds. You can open the game on PC, read a chapter, and again start working with the pleasure gained through the gameplay.

It is also an excellent hack to play with the limited number of tickets and without spending any for an additional coin. You can play the game as well as need not spend a coin. Isn’t that a great opportunity?

How to Get Chapters Interactive Stories in PC or MAC

For those who are familiar with the emulators, it is the easiest task. But if you don’t, you need not worry. We will explain the complete step by step guide on how to play chapters on PC.

Emulators are software that enables you to play the android apps on your PC. After you install the emulator on PC or MAC, your PC becomes a virtual android platform to run the android app on it.

There are various android emulators available on the market, but depending on the performance and support from them, we have a preference. From our experience, we have found Bluestack is the easiest emulator to use for beginners. In this guide, we will provide a step by step guide for playing Chapters on PC or MAC using Bluestack emulator. Also, we will provide tips to use any other emulator you prefer.

Step By Step Guide for Playing Chapters Using Bluestack

Step 1: Download BlueStacks

To download Bluestack, we suggest you get it from the official page of the developers. After you reach the site, you can get links to download the installer file. You will find the installer file for both PC and MAC and can download the one you need.

Click on this link to download Bluestack 4.

Step 2: Install and open Bluestack 4

After you download the installer file, run it on your PC and install it. Once it is installed, click on the icon and open the Bluestack. It will take a little time to load Bluestack for the first time. Once it is running, go to the next step.

Step 3: Install Chapters Interactive Stories on Bluestack

You will find a search bar to the upper right of the Bluestack screen. Search Chapters Interactive Stories, and you will find the google play link. Register Google Play with your Google account and install the game.

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Step 4: Complete Chapters Interactive Stories Installation

Once you complete the installation, you have to go to my apps tab of Bluestack. You will find the Chapters icon on my apps.  Click the Chapters icon, and the game will open, and you can play Chapters on PC.

Tips to play Chapters with any other emulator.

Above, we have explained the way on how to play Chapters on PC through Bluestack emulator. However, you can use an emulator of your choice. The steps explained above are the same, except you need to find the official page of the emulator and download the game from that. Once you download the installer file of it, the rest is no different.

Final Tips for Playing Chapters on PC & Mobile at a Time

Here we will reveal the tips to play the game on PC or Mobile and get the same game progress on both. Using these tips, you can play Chapters on PC or mobile whatever you like, but you will get your updated progress all the time.

When you play the game on mobile, you have to link your Facebook or Google account with the game account. You need to use the same account when you play the game on PC or MAC. After you complete linking both the device with the same Facebook or Google account, your game progress will be saved on these accounts. Hence you will get your game always to your updated progress, whether you play it on PC or Mobile.

But the important tip in this regard is never open the game on both devices at the same time.


Following the above, you can play Chapters Interactive Stories on PC or MAC. Also, you will get the game cross-platform on your mobile. So do not wait for anything, follow the steps to enjoy the game on the device you want.

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