Get Free V Bucks in Fortnite Latest Methods Revealed

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Fortnite Free V Bucks in the game is the new hot topic which is in vogue these days, with everyone searching the internet for ways to get free v bucks. We will guide you through this article on how to get free v bucks without using any kind of free v bucks generator.

Fortnite’s v bucks is the exclusive in-game currency which allows a player to buy various cosmetics (emotes, skins, etc. to name a few) used in the game. Fortnite free v bucks can also be used to purchase Loot Llamas inside Save the World.

Need Free V Bucks in Fortnite? Checkout These Top 9 Methods to Get Free V Bucks Without Generator in 2019

Llamas will award you with defenders, heroes, schematics to expertise weapons and survivors and traps.

While you can get v bucks with real-world money, many users, especially free-to-play users, like to earn free v bucks, there are numerous methods of earning free fortnite V-Bucks and the following are the best ones which we have collected for our users.

How to Get Free V Bucks Using Simple Ways

Free v bucks throughout Fortnite: Save the World

Save the World mode of Fortnite is the primary method of earning free v bucks, and it must be played each day. For every day that you clock in, you will be expanding your reward which can gather you an array of cosmetic items including  v bucks.

This is the most commonly followed way to unlock Fortnite V-Bucks free of cost and it will not only make way to a level up for the players but would also reward them with both experience points and battle stars by completing Fortnite Battle Pass Challenges daily for a regular basis.

With every increasing level, you will be able to access new tiers in the Fortnite battle pass system and, if you are lucky, then a few of the tiers will also give you free 100 V-Bucks each time to spend in the Fortnite game store.

Of course, leveling up only comes from playing steadily and regularly, getting kills, and surviving longer hours and getting an experience bonus for finishing such various challenges with a certain weapon.

All of these accomplishments will give you points that allow you to level up and battle stars earned because of that will help you reach new tiers of the game. There is no denying that it will obviously pay to play more and that is probably what Epic wants from you.

Complete the Daily Quests.

After wading through the primary story frame of Save the World, you will be eligible to access Daily Quests. The concept of Daily Quests is very similar to that of Daily Challenges – which can be found in the Battle Royale mode of Fortnite.

The way it goes is as follows – the player will receive one Daily Quest which will require them to do a specific task to completion. Once there these steps are completed (and so is the quest), the player will get nearly a minimum of 50 v bucks – with almost three Daily Quests rewarding much more than the amount above.

However, if you are not capable of completing the quest for a particular day, then another quest will be added to your next day as and when you choose to log in; except this amount will be limited to a maximum of three Daily Quests.

Therefore, to get free v bucks, the player will need to complete more Daily Quests and in case they have maximum three Daily Quests, they will need to complete at least one to receive a new quest. Players can find Daily Quests in their Fortnite main menu and under Quests at the very top of the screen. Click that and under Daily Quests, they will find the available tasks to finish.

Finishing the Storm Shield Missions.

The third method to earn free fortnite V-Bucks is to finish the Storm Shield Missions. For individuals who are not conscious of what they are – storm shield missions are missions in every one of the four regions that you release as you progress through the primary story frame in Save the World.

To elaborate further, each area is equipped with six Storm Shield Missions which the player begins with, and the remaining four are unlocked as Side Quests which the player will come across as they progress further into the game.

The best part is that the player will get 100  v bucks for all the missions except the 10th mission for which they will get 150 free v bucks. The players can easily find the Storm Shield Missions as they progress through the Save the World mode of their Fortnite game.

Complete the Challenges & the Side Quests.

Now not all Side Quests will get the player currency, but the good part is that there are several Side Quests which gets them at least up to 150 free fortnite V-Bucks. Followed by this are the Challenges.

These are slightly different from Side Quests mainly because it can be unlocked on different times in the primary story frame which the player will go through. Challenges can be achieved at least up to ten times and the good thing about that is it will get the player up to 50 free fortnite V-bucks per completion.

Players can find both Challenges and Side Quests in their Fortnite main menu under the Quests which is at the top of the screen.

Participate in Events.

Events are also another level of a subset of quests which the players can indulge in by visiting the Fortnite main menu of their game. Taking part in these in these Events can allow a player to avail a lot of items including free fortnite V-Bucks.

These events happen mainly every week and include several numerous quests which will enable a player to get free fortnite V-Bucks. Players can find the option of Events in their Fortnite main menu under the heading of Quests at the top.

Buy V-Bucks to Get Free v bucks.

The other method the players can try to get free v bucks involves them having to buy actual fotnite V-Bucks. All packages leaving the $9.99 packages will get the players free of cost V-Bucks when they buy it. The $24.99 package doesn’t provide a valuable reward, but the $59.99 package provides the players an additional $15 worth of in game currency

Preorder a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (Expired Method)

For the simple reason of promoting the discharge of Fortnite Battle Royale on the Android app, the companies Epic Games and Samsung are partnering mutually. Any person who pre-orders the Galaxy Note 9 will get a choice — either to get 15,000 v bucks or to get free AKG earbuds (a $299 value), or would have to pay an extra $100 to get both the items.

The voice earbuds might sound tempting, but true Fortnite warriors have an easy choice of getting 15K V-bucks for free.

The methods described above are all and the only legit ways that work and there is no other method there that works to earn free fortnite V-Bucks.

Free V Bucks Generator – Don’t Get Scammed.

free v bucks generator

Now that Fortnite is a universal sensation, numerous dishonest players are trying to take benefit of players that are searching for to buy a few new in-game gears.

There are dozens of illegal sites, posts on social media and YouTube videos which promise v bucks or even conduct surveys using free v bucks generator. All of them are fake.

No matter what, do not give out account, personal, or credit card info to any site or person even if they say they say they are from Epic Games (who, in reality, will never ask for personal information for somewhat like this).

If you answer the texts they send you, you may unknowingly subscribe to an abonnement that may cost a mint, none of which you may get back. These sites are targeted at young adults who do not realize that they are being conned.

Therefore, beware of the fiddle free v bucks generator and cheats found online. Such sites will ask players to put in their username, perhaps answer a few survey questions and promise the player to acquire as many free fortnite V-Bucks as they would want.

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Unfortunately, such sites are not genuine as well as will steal the credentials of your account in a second or trap you into clicking on probably malicious advertisements which are almost always concealed as individual verification. Players should be diligently careful around such scamming offers and understand that there is no legal way to earn free fortnite V-Bucks outside of the actual game or via the glitches that may persist through it.


Fortnite’s original mode offers daily challenges, daily login bonuses, and rewards for Storm Shield Defence missions. Such missions are quick, easy and cheap ways to get a small amount of currency each day, although the player will need to purchase the mode anyway.

Players can earn thousands of v bucks by just playing the game daily and completing the task It is obvious that earning free fortnite V-Bucks is a daunting and lengthy task to do since the player will need to play the game for dozens of hours before they will be able to afford at least V-Buck item.

Don’t get depressed if you observe that as a big barrier before you, earning that shiny glider will feel extreme better than throwing down a few money for it instead. All the methods of attaining free v bucks in Fortnite are programmed as given above.

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