Empires And Puzzles Hack : Cheats For Empires & Puzzles to Get Free Gems

empires and puzzles hack

empires and puzzles hack

Empires and Puzzle is a unique game combination of RPG game and 3 Puzzle games which have been represented with great graphics and gameplay. The combat strategy of RPG game is replaced by 3Puzzle battle in the game. Also, it has a demand for strategy in creating the battle structure which attracts the gamers quite well.

In one way you have to win the battle of 3Puzzle, and on the other hand, you have to build your city. All these have been controlled through microeconomics that is quite normal in present RPG games. The game currency here is Gems.

In one way it is an RPG game, but the main twist is the speed of the game that is not quite adaptable with other games of its genre. In such a situation the gamers have a demand for Additional Gems Through Empires And Puzzles Cheats to fast track the process.

In such a scenario comes the need for our cheats. In the below paragraph we will be providing you with some gameplay cheats for empires and puzzles which are entirely legit and workable.

What is Empires & Puzzles Gems Generator?

Reading our above paragraph if you think that we are going to introduce you with some codes that will increase the gem counting in your game then you have landed to the wrong page. Neither we are going to provide you with any Gem generator.

When you are in search of gems for empires and puzzle then obviously you have tested some gem generator who claims that they know how to hack empires and puzzles. If so, you know the story behind them. But those who have not yet faced these generators must be explained about their real picture.

Empires and puzzles Gems Generator are those sites that claim to have a hacking tool which can connect the game server with your device and flow some gems from the server towards you. Don’t be astonished; the advertisement goes in this way only.

Now, whatever hilarious thoughts they might be posting, there are many believers of these sites. As a result, they are gaining visitors and bounce rates. But after reading this article about empires and puzzles cheats we believe you will not land to their swamp and lose your credential or download some cheap Trojans.

Top 11 Empires and Puzzles Hacks and Cheats for Free Gems

Level up your Heroes Effectively

As you level up your heroes, it increases 10 points. But if you ask how to hack empires and puzzles, we will say level up your heroes effectively since the increase of one type of hero and not others will imbalance your troop.

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Never download those heroes that you are not using. Try to level up heroes of same colour first as they increase the experience. Fodder characters at a low price can also be produced in the training camp. You can also produce the unusual character of you have a higher quantity of food.

Build your city in proper order

You are the owner of your city, and you have the liberty to build whatever you like.  But if you are to succeed in the empires and puzzles game you have to develop in a sequence such as your requirement of resources are entirely fulfilled. Food is a prime requirement as well as the iron. But in essential cases, food has a higher demand.

Our empires and puzzles hack suggestion is to build the farm and mines in the ratio of five to two. You will be beneficial that foodstuff is collected more and required to upgrade any character. Next, in turn, is Watchtower.  After that create watchtower,  homes, warehouses and camp. You need to make sure that your iron stock is 30% more than the required iron before you start upgradation.

Cheats to Get Free Gems After Completing the Mission

You can earn gems on completing tasks. Consistent tasks are getting recharged, and slowly but steadily you will be able to grow your gems collection. Following are the list of initial activities that you need to complete to get gems:

  • Collect 100 gems as you build your first iron mine.
  • Complete your first mission to get three gems
  • As you build two farms, you get three gems
  • Upgrade the stronghold up to level 3 and get five gems
  • Level up heroes to level 10 and get three gems
  • Craft five battle items and get three gems
  • Build two houses and get three gems
  • Build two mines and get two gems.
  • Look out your inbox. You will get five gems as a greeting message
  • Watchtower videos every 16 hours you get to watch a video. You can earn three gems in every 16 hours
  • Sign in to Facebook and get 50 gems.

So use this cheats for empires and puzzles and get gems regularly.

Make Your Playing Time Suitable

You need to make sure about your playing time. Most players collect the resources at night time and play in the morning. Upgrade your buildings at the proper time. Our empires and puzzles cheats are to keep a close eye on the energy bars as they require 3 hours to fill.

As we said that mostly player collects resources at night, so the right time to attack is the morning time. You can receive more resources from them.

Know your Element Colours Accurately

Colour of the circle under Enemies feet is the colour of the enemy. Specific element, therefore, applies double damage to the enemy, and half damage is caused the other way around. The schematic is shown in the upper left corner of the battlefield which is the prime empires and puzzles hack.

Blue Is better than red which is better than green. Green takes away twice than blue. It will only cause half the damage if hit with a red arrow to blue. Everything is simple with yellow and purple; yellow is good against purple and bad against yellow, violet is good against yellow but detrimental vs purple.

Save Your Magic Power

Once the manna power is full, you can use them against the enemy. But our empires and puzzles cheats are not to use them until you face the enemy boss. If you use your magic power the same is used causing considerable damage to your heroes.

It may create an issue in the next step of the battle. So save your manna power until you reach an end.

Unlock Quest Map as Early as possible

When you arrive at level 10, you can unlock the quest map. Quest maps provide daily quest which gives you different object in return including gems. So you can have these guaranteed loots once you open quest map. Empires and puzzles hack suggests to reach up to level 10 without spending much of your gems and tokens. You will require these items more frequently then.

Align Your Troops Properly

The Alignment of heroes is an essential characteristic to safeguard your castle against the opponent player. The stronger protagonist, superior defender or healer should be placed in the building centre point as it will have the highest number of blows.

Follow this empires and puzzles hack tools so that the hero can use his super capacity often.

Convert any Building to the Barrack in an Emergency

Any building apart from the warehouse can be converted into barracks, and you can increase the level of troops there. So in a situation like an emergency, you can use your buildings as barracks. It is convenient among empires and puzzles cheats.

Only make sure that the building level is 5 or more, and the castle is 10 or more. You need not worry about retransformation as it is free to get your building back.

Choose your Alliance Properly

When you reach level 4, you can tie up with any alliance. But our empires and puzzles hack tools say do not tie up with any alliance until you get to level 10. In the lower level, promoting the coalition is very difficult. Also, the highest level among the alliance gets the benefit most. So choose your alliance correctly at the proper time and enjoy the benefit yourself.

Facebook Official Page

There is an official page of Empires and Puzzles on Facebook. If you follow the page regularly, you will get regular contests conducted by them. You can win gems from them if you win the competition. Use this empires and puzzles cheats and get the most benefit.


It has been a general thought between Empires and Puzzles players that it is a pay to win the game. Whereas the scenario is not such complicated. Developers have strategically reduced the gameplay speed to turn the game from standard PC character to Mobile device game which you will be playing throughout the day.

Our above empires and puzzles cheats also reveal such gameplay. You might have understood from above that besides the game you need to optimise the timing of playing this game as well. Also, the above empires and puzzles hack, tips and tricks will relieve you from the continual thought of getting gems. So, play the game and share your comments below.

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