Covet Fashion Hack And Cheats Earn Free Diamonds Cash

covet fashion hack

Covet Fashion

The word Fashion sounds glamorous in itself. Everyone loves to be fashionable and want to look good. Covet Fashion is the game that helps to improve your fashion sense.

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Covet Fashion is a style based free to play game for Android and iOS devices. Diamonds and coins are two significant currencies in this game out of which diamond is a primary currency.

For earning these currencies, a player must have to know some legit covet fashion hack and cheats. First, let me give you the idea about the gameplay, then we will start exploring the legit ways to earn diamonds and cash.

The game is mainly for shopping obsessed peoples. You can join millions of other fashionistas, explore clothing brands you like and get renown for your style! Fulfill your shopping addiction and create outfits in this fashion game, which is designed to sharpen your style skills.

Show your unique style by shopping for unique items to fill your closet, placing together looks for various style challenges and voting on other players looks.

The purpose of this article is to introduce you all with the legit covet fashion cheats and hacks that help you to make your gameplay better.

List of Top 10 Legit Covet Fashion Hack and Cheats

1. Daily Rewards

Daily rewards are useful covet fashion diamond hack because it offers you with 100 diamonds and 20 tickets on your daily log in to the game. If you are playing the game for free, then using this hack may help you to go a long way into the game.

You play the game or not it doesn’t matter but don’t forget to log in to the game and collect your daily rewards.

2. Participate in Daily 500 Event

Daily 500 is an in-game event in which you can take part in lower levels because there are no limitations on what you wear. This is a handy cheat for covet fashion players because there is no fear of losing the event.

You can get $ 500 just as a joining reward. You only have to log in to the game no matter what outfits you have; you can easily walk out with this reward amount.

3. Connect with Facebook

Connecting your game with your Facebook account is the best Covet Fashion free cash hack. You can invite your friends to play Covet Fashion who have not played this game before and can earn $ 1000 free Covet cash. Facebook Connect also allows you to lend the items from your friend for finishing the final looks. These transactions cannot be done at the very early stages of the game so you can take help of your linked Facebook account.

4. Connect with Active Fashion House

Connecting with an active fashion house is a very useful Covet Fashion hack tool. An active fashion house is where you can gather with other players to participate in rallies to earn fabulous prizes each month, discuss your recent scores, get advice on your looks and chat with other fashion lovers.

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You can participate in runway rallies through active fashion house. Participating in rallies will have a chance to win up to $ 20 k in exclusive prizes.

Runway rallies are a fun way for you and your fashion house to work together to earn exclusive bonuses. The more fashion house members who participate, the easier it is to win!

Runway rallies are in three stages i.e., classic, fancy, and fierce. You can earn prize range from Covet Fashion free diamonds to exclusive garments and accessories. Every prize can only be collected once in a given month, but each bag can be opened multiple times for different awards!

5. Unlock the Jet Set Destinations

If you are worried about how to get free diamonds in covet Fashion then unlocking the jet set destination challenges is the best option. This challenge takes you to various locations worldwide.

The scores you earn from these destination challenges will then add to your travel score. You can enter them again to continue earning travel points until you unlock the next destination. You can earn 500 diamonds by unlocking jet-set destinations.

6. Enter into Style Challenge

Entering into the style challenge is the best covet fashion cheats because by creating different looks in this challenge, you can obtain cash, diamonds, and much more other prizes. Some style challenges have garment needs to enter, and these needs will be listed in style challenge description, so be attentive when styling for these challenges.

You must have the ticket to enter into the style challenge. For collecting tickets, you have to submit your look to style challenge. This is the best covet fashion cash hack that can be used while playing the game.

When style challenge completed the voting phase, you will receive a message in your game inbox that contains results for your look. This result contains voting result, your unworn and seasonal bonus and displays the score for the look. You can earn 25 diamonds by receiving a rating of 4.5 or higher in this style challenge and 5000 diamonds for a perfect score of 5.80.

(NOTE: – If you score less than 4 then you will not get any kind of prizes in this challenge)

7. Complete the offers

This is one of the best covet fashion cheats because the game has a lot of offers for getting diamonds. You will get to know about these offers from the premium store on the upper side of your game screen. You will see the earn tab in this store click on it, and it will show you all the diamond rewards program.

The amount of diamonds you are going to earn depends on the group of offer you are completing. Some of these offers help you to collect up to 15000 diamonds. These offers may contain installing of other applications or responding to the surveys etc.

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I want to tell you all that if you are not in a hurry of getting diamonds and can wait for earning them, then you may get the benefit of double diamonds event. The game occasionally conducts this event for offers, and in this, you have an opportunity to win double amount of diamonds for the same task completion. Or else you can get thousands of diamonds by finishing the surveys.

8. Vote Regularly

If you are playing Covet Fashion, then it is your first responsibility to vote consistently. The whole game techniques based on this voting process on various styles and looks. As a responsible player of the game, reserve your time to cast your votes occasionally.

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While voting, you should keep in mind that you must vote fairly.  Even though you have your favorites but at the time of voting, you should consider only those entries which follow the theme. This is the only way to keep the game lawful and active. If you want to earn tickets, then do vote regularly.

9. Focus On Increasing Your Closet Value

This Covet Fashion hack helps you to unlock your next levels so always aim to increase your closet value. You can keep a record of your progress by viewing the progress bar around your profile image. Every garment you win or purchase adds to your closet value.

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You can take a brief look at your profile picture for viewing how far your closet value has progressed and how much more need to increase the closet value until you unlock the next set of hairstyles and make-ups.

The only way to increase your closet value is to buy as many items as you can. And other option to increase the amount of closet is complete the challenges and win the clothing items and other stuff.

10.  Focus On To Be On Top

For every game freak to be on a top is a dream. Make use of this covet fashion hack and focus on to be top and because if you get top looks, then you will be rewarded with the 5025 diamonds and prizes related to clothes.

Do Covet Fashion Diamond Generators Really Work?

Covet fashion diamond generators not at all true because they only attract the players by creating a grid in their mind for earning diamonds. These generators promise you to give diamonds without any human verification, but you must be aware of such scams. The worst part of these generators is that they ask for your personal information like name, email id, phone number, etc. and try to hack your device.

These generators are harmful to your device because they contain the virus. Using covet fashion diamond generator hack is an illegal way so only use the legitimate ways to earn resources to make your gameplay better.

Remember: – As far as “Unlimited Diamonds or Cash” are concerned, then the only way for you is to purchase them from the game store by paying real cash. There is no other way available to get them for free in limitless quantity.

Final Words

We have tried to mention as much as legit covet fashion hack and cheats for you in this article. Go through the above list, and if you know any other tips and tricks for generating resources in the game, then don’t forget to share your valuable feedback.

Use only above mentioned legal ways and stay connected with us for more details. Till then, enjoy gaming!

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