Chapters Interactive Stories Hack And Cheats For Unlimited Free Diamonds Tickets

chapters interactive stories hack

Crazy Maple Studio had accomplished one excellent job when they presented the game Chapters Interactive stories. There are various games designed and published after that in the concept of gamified fiction, and Chapters Interactive Stories is a pioneer of them. The game integrates the storytelling in a virtual life with decision making, which leads every story to a new ending.

Many players have accepted the game as their way of finding a virtual path and being as its own. Your decision will change the complete plot of the story, and there lies the amusement. There is no specific gameplay in Chapters Interactive Stories as the goal is to find new endings of each story, and hence you can play the game as many as times you want, every time with a different path.

But are all these entertainments received free? Crazy Maple Studio has to commercialize the concept through a model, and here it is a freemium model. You can download and play the game free, but your key to finding a great ending requires you to spend coins and gems.

Not to worry; you need not empty your wallet merely in playing the game. We are here to present you with some chapters interactive stories hack that will remove all these hindrances and play the game smoothly. So, let’s unfold the curtain.

Chapters Interactive Stories Hack And Cheats to Get Diamonds

Create a stunning look of your character

When you start the game, you have to select the look of your protagonist. There are plenty of options available for free in the game, and after you create your character, you need to create your style. Now, the chapters interactive stories cheats to earn more diamond is to create a flirty or stylish look. But to create these looks, you need to spend a diamond.

You can make diamond first through chapters interactive stories Cheats and pay to recreate your style.

Connect with Social media

The game is not only to play on your own but to spread your news to all your friends through social media. You can even earn diamonds for that too. The first chapters interactive stories hack that we will mention in the post is after starting the game, you must connect with Facebook and Google account.

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When you do so, you will get 20 diamonds each. You can spend those diamonds in creating your stunning look.

Complete the chapter to receive Diamonds

Every chapter’s completion is chapters interactive stories cheats to earn diamonds. When you are into the game and complete one Chapter, you will receive diamonds. But there are Chapters interactive stories hack to obtain more as a bonus.

As you see the reward page, you will find a button above the claim button, which says to watch a video. Never miss this opportunity to claim the bonus diamonds watching a short commercial. Many gamers avoid doing so, but that is the easiest one to do.

Watch a video

In the event section, you will find a tab for watching videos. It is the Chapters interactive stories hack that need not require any task to do but click on the video and collect the reward at the end. Every commercial you watch gives you free diamonds, and that is the essential part.

Daily Login Rewards

Daily login is straightforward chapters interactive stories cheats to earn tickets and diamonds. Every day when you login the game, you receive rewards and here is the list of it presently:

  • Day 1: You receive three Tickets
  • Day 2: You receive three Tickets
  • Day 3: You gain 30 diamonds
  • Day 4: You receive three Tickets
  • Day 5: You receive three Tickets
  • Day 6: You receive three Tickets
  • Day 7: You receive five Tickets

So even you do not get a chance to play the game, log in regularly, and collect the rewards using these Chapters cheats. But gameplay with chapters interactive stories hack apk does not support these aspects, and we recommend you to stay away from it.

Friends invitation

We have already mentioned that social gaming is the backbone of Chapters hack, and you can increase your gaming network by inviting your friends. When you are connected to your Facebook account, you can send an invitation through it.  Inviting friends is the coolest among all Chapters Interactive Stories cheats and gives you plenty of diamonds:

You will receive diamonds according to the number of friends you invite in the game. For every five friends, you ask you will receive ten diamonds. When you have a considerable number of friends, you will receive plenty of diamonds through the Chapters interactive stories hack.

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Not only an invitation, but your friend’s activity will also give benefit to both of you, and here it is how?

  • Once your friend login the game and enter your code, both of you will receive five diamonds.
  • After your friend completes reading a chapter, both of you will receive five diamonds.
  • Once your friend login for three consecutive days, both of you will receive five diamonds.
  • If he or she makes any purchase, you and your friend will receive ten diamonds.

But if you are willing to play the game with Chapters interactive stories mod apk, then these options will not be available. Players with Chapters interactive stories mod apk will miss a lot of features of the game.

Collect day pass free to avoid spending tickets

You can receive a free Pass at the Special events of the game. Also, you will receive one after you start playing the game. A free pass is similar to chapters interactive stories unlimited tickets to play the game free for a specific period of time.

In normal mode, you need to spend Tickets to play the game. Every chapter requires Tickets. But not to worry, tickets get auto-generated within a specific time.

We have a chapters interactive stories hack to support your continuous gameplay. Play multiple chapters of different Stories. As you play simultaneous stories, you can easily manage the time to auto-generate the tickets. Also, you can see the chapter’s duration before each chapter. Select the Chapters of a longer duration, and you can play a good time with this Chapters hack.

What Are The Game Currencies in Chapters Interactive Stories?

Chapters Interactive Stories unlimited diamonds and tickets are the two essential elements in the game that creates restrictions in the path of your stories. But to understand its importance, you need to know about the Chapters interactive stories cheats.

The game has a bunch of stories to choose from, with a wide variety of romance drama suspense. After you select the story, it starts with the plot, and here you play one of the characters. You can create your look as you want with customizing options. After that, the game runs in a smooth animated way, and in every turn of the story, you decide on the outcome. Your choice will change the story.

Diamonds and tickets are introduced to create a balance in the gameplay progress, and that is excellently managed by the developer. Chapters interactive stories unlimited diamonds are required to make crucial decisions in the game. Also, it is necessary to purchase the items from the store. We will explain all the Chapters interactive stories hacks below to earn diamonds.

Some decisions can be taken without spending the diamonds, but that will not create a different path, and the game will end as expected. If you use diamonds in various parts of the game, it will reveal some exciting subplot, melodrama and change the conclusion.

Tickets are essential to start every chapter of the game. Chapters interactive stories cheats can find tickets from the game itself.


Chapters Interactive Stories hack articles that are already available are not very helpful as they are not an updated version. But we have framed this article on the latest version of the game. When you follow them, you will realize how inevitable they are to play the game. So start leading your virtual life and enjoy new chapters of it.

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